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Nurturing Farms, Cultivating Community

At Portage Agri-Sales, we’re more than just an ag retail—it’s our passion to empower local farmers and foster growth across the Manitoba Prairies.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Local Roots, Global Impact: 

Our journey begins right here in Portage & MacGregor, where the soil runs through our veins. We understand the unique challenges faced by prairie farmers—the ever-changing weather, the delicate dance with nature, and the tireless commitment to feeding the world. But our vision extends beyond the horizon; we’re part of a global network that connects us to cutting-edge innovations, sustainable practices, and a shared purpose.

Comprehensive Solutions: 

From seed treatments to herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, we curate a comprehensive range of products. Check out our SUPPLIERS page to view the trusted brands we proudly work with. Whether you’re nurturing crops or protecting yields, we’ve got your back.


Our Friends the Farmers:

We believe in collaboration. Our team of seasoned agronomists, passionate about the land, will walk alongside you—listening to your challenges, sharing insights, and tailoring solutions. When you succeed, we celebrate together. When you face setbacks, we roll up our sleeves and find a way forward.


Community Connection:

Our local offices aren't just places to buy inputs; they are hubs of knowledge exchange. We happily greet our customers with a smile  & welcome a chat over a cup of coffee. We also try to host field days where farmers gather, swap stories, and learn from each other.  Because when neighbors support neighbors, the entire community thrives.

Innovation at the Core:

Portage Agri-Sales isn’t content with the status quo. We’re constantly exploring new technologies, sustainable practices, and precision farming tools. Our goal? To enhance your productivity, minimize environmental impact, and ensure a bountiful harvest year after year.


Growing Together:

As the sun rises over the prairie fields, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Whether you’re a seasoned client or a first-time farmer, Portage Agri-Sales is your partner in growth. From seed to success.


For inquiries, product recommendations, or a friendly chat about all things agriculture, give us a call or stop by one of our locations.  Together, we’ll nurture roots into results. 

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